Your 5 Jokes for June 11, 2014: Staircase Jokes

Anything Broken? Don was tasked with bringing the Christmas decorations up from the basement, and start decorating the house and tree. During one trek up the stairs, heavily laden with boxes, he slipped and luckily only fell about two steps before landing square on his behind. His wife heard the noise, and yelled, "What was that thump?" "I just fell down the stairs," he explained. She rushed into the room, "Anything broken?!" "No, no, I'm fine." There was just a slight pause before his loving wife said, "No, I meant my decorations. Are any of them broken?"

Miles Two drunks were walking down the railroad tracks. After a couple of miles, one of them says, "Man, all these steps are killing me!" The other drunk replies, "It's not all these steps; it's these darned low handrails!"

The Blue House Once there was a guy who lived in a blue, one story house. EVERYTHING in the house was blue. The refridgerator, all of the food, the tables, the chairs, the clothes of the man, the TV, the camera, the dishwasher, the washing machine, and even the man himself. What color were the stairs? Suspected Answer: Blue Right Answer: There were no stairs!!!

The Stair-Step Machine Maurice, 53 years old, thought he was quite fit so he decided to join ‘David’s Place’, the up market London health club. On his first day, Maurice went to Room 50, the exercise room for over 50s, and tried out their stair-step machine. He told the instructor what he wanted to do and the instructor asked, "Shall I set it for five, ten or twenty minutes?" "Make it ten," Maurice replied conservatively. But after only a few minutes on the machine, his legs felt like lead and he could hardly breathe. So he got off the machine. As he limped past some of the other men in Room 50 who were resting from their workouts, Maurice said to them, "I could only take three minutes on that thing." "OK, OK, " replied one of them, "You don’t have to brag about it."

Thundering Down The Stairs Teddy came thundering down the stairs, much to his father's annoyance.'Teddy,' he called, 'how many more times have I got to tell you to come down the stairs quietly? Now, go back up and come down like a civilised human being.'There was a silence, and Teddy reappeared in the front room.'That's better,' said his father. 'Now will you always come down stairs like that?''Suits me,' said Teddy. 'I slid down the bannister.'